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Take a look at what will be featured in upcoming issues of Shotgun Sports! We also feature specials and new products that can be purchased via our secure online store.

Appearing in Shotgun Sports

In the July 2016 Issue…

Shoot Off
by Johnny Cantu / Grand American update.
Keep ’Em Shooting
by Chuck Webb / Answers to your gun-fixing questions.
by Marshall R. Williams / Measuring dimes and chokes.
Mental Training
by Michael J. Keyes, M.D. / Why failure is good.
Know Your Wads
by R.H. VanDenburg, Jr. / New wads from MEC.
Hunt of a Lifetime at M&M
by Johnny Cantu / The Matarese family offers the ultimate adventure.
Gun Test: Blaser F16
by Johnny Cantu / These new Sporting and Game Guns are ultra-smooth.
NSSA Vintage Championships
by Hal Hare / The 2016 World Championship vintage skeet medalists.
Final Shot…From AveragEd
by Ed Clapper / Muzzleloaders revisited.

In the August 2016 Issue…

Shoot Off by Johnny Cantu / It’s August...where are you shooting?
ALOOF by Marshall R. Williams / Taking a better new look at Damascus barrels.
Know Your Wads by R.H. VanDenburg, Jr. / MEC 7/8 and one-ounce wads.
Trap Champion: Rose Shaffer by Holly Bauschka / What is the secret to this ATA All-American’s success?
Reloading Spolar Gold by John Bulger / One has choices in reloaders, so choose the best.
Gun Test: Perazzi High Tech RS Combo by Johnny Cantu / This trap gun surpassed outstanding performance levels.
Trip to RIO by Johnny Cantu / RIO Ammunition is making great strides in America.
Mental Training by Michael J. Keyes, M.D. / Practice, practice, practice.
Final Shot…From AveragEd by Ed Clapper / Thinking about a new shotshell loader?

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