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Take a look at what will be featured in upcoming issues of Shotgun Sports! We also feature specials and new products that can be purchased via our secure online store.

Appearing in Shotgun Sports

In the April 2016 Issue…

Shoot Off by Johnny Cantu / A very good question. ALOOF by Marshall R. Williams / ALOOF returns to its roots. Briley Plasma Chokes by Johnny Cantu / A review of the new lightweight choke tubes. Know Your Reloads by R.H. VanDenburg, Jr. / BPI’s Advantages Manual, 9th Edition. Keep ’Em Shooting by Chuck Webb / Answers to your gun-fixing questions. Will-O’-The-Wispy Woodcock by Ron Jones / Trying to predict the timberdoodle’s characteristics. Baby, I’m Worth It! by Holly Heard Bauschka / What could motivate a 50-year-old woman to fire a shotgun for the first time? Gun Test: SKB RS300 Sporter by Johnny Cantu / This new semiauto performs like clockwork. Mental Training by Michael J. Keyes, M.D. / Fake it until you make it. Final Shot…From AveragEd by Ed Clapper / How do we educate gun owners?

In the May 2016 Issue…

R.H. VanDenburg on Shotshell Powder and Alliants' Extra-Lite. Gun Test: Ron Jones on the Ellipse EVO, Caesar Guerini’s elite and elegant round body game gun. Decoding Presentations, how to read targets in sporting clays by Mike McAlpine. L.P. Brezny discusses the SHOT Show Highlights and how the industry is thriving with plenty anew. Ed Clapper on Hunting is safer in spite of more new gun owners. Michael J. Keyes, M.D. on why basics are important. Marshall R. Williams with a new look at Damascus barrels. Johnny Cantu's story: Deep in the heart of Texas.

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Beretta A400XCEL Multitarget Shell Catcher

Beretta A400XCEL Multitarget Shell Catcher

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Beretta A400 XCEL Shell Catcher w/Action Closing Lever - NEW!!

Beretta A400XCEL

Beretta A400 XCEL Shell Catcher w/Action Closing Lever - NEW!!

Fits Beretta A400 XCEL (blue receiver) 12-gauge target guns only. Makes pushing the release button a breeze! Special high-strength plastic.
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Ben Husthwaite
Mitchel Loveless II

There are great shooters and great instructors and every now and then there comes along a great shooter who also happens to be a great instructor. Master the targets and see what you have been missing.
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Did you miss our review of that gun you’ve just got to have? Did you lose an issue with your favorite Ed Clapper column or ALOOF adventure? Do you need those recipes using Hodgdon Longshot from the issue you can’t find? Don’t stress! You can order back issues easily by calling (800) 676-8920. Visit our back issue page to see what’s available.

SS Digital Issues Now Available

SS Digital Issues Now Available

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