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Take a look at what will be featured in upcoming issues of Shotgun Sports! We also feature specials and new products that can be purchased via our secure online store.

Appearing in Shotgun Sports

In the February 2017 Issue…

Shoot Off
by Johnny Cantu / Tune up for the new season.
by Marshall R. Williams / An old attic full of surprises.
Mental Training
by Michael J. Keyes, M.D. / Becoming mentally tough.
RST Specialty Shells
by Ron Jones / Low pressure and high performance shotshells, Part II.
NSCA Nationals Highlights
by Johnny Cantu / Bill McGuire is crowned 2016 champion.
Gun Test: Perazzi Ribless Game Gun
by Johnny Cantu / British Best Gun philosophy meets Italian thoroughbred.
Know Your Reloads
by R.H. VanDenburg, Jr. / Duplicating Winchester’s 28-gauge heavy game loads.
Grand American Handicap Champion
by Johnny Cantu / Interview with Bryan Romanow.
Final Shot…From AveragEd
by Ed Clapper / Exploring the “stock market”.

In the March 2017 Issue…

Shoot Off
by Johnny Cantu / Beyond the Zone.
by Marshall R. Williams / A new look at spreaders.
Mental Training
by Michael J. Keyes, M.D. / Visualization.
Keep ’Em Shooting
by Chuck Webb / Answers to your gun-fixing questions.
Shotgun Powder Page
by R.H. VanDenburg, Jr. / Vectan 206V.
1894 Remington
by Dave Robinson / The forgotten classic.
Powder Pigeons
by John Bulger / Invented to mimic the flier game, it’s fun and unpredictable.
Pheasants In The Snow
by Ron Jones / Warm memories of a winter wonderland hunt.
Final Shot…From AveragEd
by Ed Clapper / How did you become interested in shooting and reloading?


Beretta A400XCEL Multitarget

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Easily mounts onto 12 or 20 gauge shotgun barrels. No tools required with its self-locking and adjusting mount. Four modes of operation: Light, Laser, Light with Laser, Light in Strobe Mode. Made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum.


Walnut Lazy Stitch Belt

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