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Take a look at what will be featured in upcoming issues of Shotgun Sports! We also feature specials and new products that can be purchased via our secure online store.

Appearing in Shotgun Sports

In the March 2015 Issue…

Ron Jones explores the anatomy of a grouse gun and Stuart Williams reports on Argentina wingshooting. Dr. Robert E. Petersen takes a look at scorekeeping software and Johnny Cantu discusses the results of great minds coming together. R.H. VanDenburg, Jr. shares reloads for the 3″ 20 gauge shell, the ALOOF gang are enthralled with March madness, Dr. Keyes examines the art of perfection and Ed Clapper speaks on more blind hunting.

In the April 2015 Issue…

L.P. Brezny reviews the latest turkey hunting shell from Winchester — the Long Beard XR™ and Ron Jones explores the perils of shooting all of the shotguns in your collection. Andy Singer relates shotgunning with golf and Johnny Cantu asks, got skeet? R.H. VanDenburg, Jr. looks at pheasant loads, Dr. Keyes discusses performance practice, the ALOOF gang find a treasure and Ed Clapper revisits the “powder shortage.”

New from Shootin’ Accessories:


Your Extra Xs

3–Piece Silicone–Treated Gun Wipes

Sack–Ups Gun Wipes are silicone–treated to prevent rust and wick away moisture from firearms. Their fabric and tubular construction make it easy to wipe dirt and grime off your guns, knives and work tools. They provide a protective coating for your firearm in the field or in storage. A 4–oz. spray bottle of silicone treatment can be used to re–apply that protective coating to your gun wipes. Keep your firearms looking new and protect them from rust with these silicone–treated gun wipes.

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Your Extra Xs

Extra Xs

Sunrise Productions, makers of the finest shotgunning instructional videos, has produced yet another winning DVD for the sporting clays enthusiast. Founder, Bruce Scott has had the privilege of learning from and filming some of the greatest shotgunners on the planet while making their instructional DVDs. He has taken the best explanations of shotgunning technique and target presentation analysis from these greats and combined them into his latest video, Your Extra Xs. Bruce, in his own words and teaching style, provides the viewer with the most comprehensive and skill-enhancing DVD you could ever want. This new, unique and exciting DVD will help you elevate your sporting clays game.

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Claroxan™ formulas were developed to maintain and support eyesight.* Airline pilots take Claroxan to maintain 20/20 vision and help them continue to pass their medicals.* Law enforcement officers take Claroxan to help them sustain the sharp precision and accuracy that's necessary for shooting.* Professional hunt guides take Claroxan to help with their chances of a successful hunt.*

Professionals who rely on their vision to succeed use Claroxan. If you are serious about your eye health and visual acuity, you should too! Click here to order yours today.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Back Issues

Did you miss our review of that gun you’ve just got to have? Did you lose an issue with your favorite Ed Clapper column or ALOOF adventure? Do you need those recipes using Hodgdon Longshot from the issue you can’t find? Don’t stress! You can order back issues easily by calling (800) 676-8920. Visit our back issue page to see what’s available.


Gun Digest Guide to Modern Shotgunning

Gun Digest Guide to Modern Shotgunning

Think you know a lot about shotguns? Well, be prepared to think again. Popular Shotgun Sports Contributing Editor, L.P. Brezny has compiled much of his years of knowledge on the ubiquitous scattergun and related topics into a new book, Gun Digest Guide to Modern Shotgunning. This large soft–bound volume brings the reader 220 pages of hardcore facts, charts and stories of Brezny’s time in the field researching and testing guns, loads, chokes and more. Gun Digest Guide to Modern Shotgunning is filled with everything you would want to ask L.P. about your shotgun if you had him sitting in your living room. Brezny’s Gun Digest Guide to Modern Shotgunning will make you appreciate the shotgun even more for all it can do.

Order your copy of L.P. Brezny’s Gun Digest Guide to Modern Shotgunning today!


Subscription Special

Sub Special

U.S. and Canadian subscribers can enjoy these reduced subscription prices and receive an extra issue per year! This is a limited–time offer, so don’t wait. With these great prices, subscriptions to America’s leading shotgun magazine also make a great gift! Click here to order yours today.


GIft Certificates!

Not sure what to give that special shotgun shooter in your life this holiday season? Give them the ideal gift, a gift certificate and let them purchase what they truly want! To begin shopping, click here.


Shotgun Sports blinders

Shotgun Sports Blinders

Keep out the sun, gusts of wind and annoying distractions while you are shooting. Aids concentration and focus, but won’t interfere with sight picture. Tough, flexible polymer withstands sun’s rays and perspiration. To begin shopping, click here.