Winchester Model 12 Titanium Firing Pin Kit - NEW LOWER PRICE!
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The Winchester Model 12 is one of the greatest pump-action shotguns ever produced. However, it had a weak point -- firing pin breakage. Now there is good news for all Model 12 shooters; a high-strength and lightweight Titanium Firing Pin Kit! This new Titanium Firing Pin Kit provides the Model 12 user with greater confidence, knowing the firing pin will last through whatever shooting he demands of it. Trap, skeet, sporting clays shooters who shoot pump gun events and even Cowboy Action shooters will benefit from not only the lighter weight of a titanium firing pin but also a lighter-powered hammer spring supplied in the kit. A lighter hammer spring can be used because a titanium firing pin weighs less than a typical steel hammer spring. This reduces the amount of force necessary to cock the gun. A benefit all Model 12 users will appreciate. Get high-strength, lighter weight and use less force to work your Model12 by installing a Titanium Firing Pin Kit!