Model 12 Replacement Butt Stock Bolt
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The legendary Winchester Model 12 is a great gun still, but it had a butt stock bolt that could rust, corrode, seize up and work loose, which could cause stock damage. Besides being difficult to remove, the bolt would often break off, necessitating a costly repair. This new Replacement Butt Stock Bolt eliminates those problems. Machined from rust-resistant chromium steel, its integral flanged head provides greater bearing surface, ensuring even pressure on the butt stock. The troublesome original slotted screw head has been replaced with a precision-machined standard 1/2" hex head so a standard socket can conveniently be used to attach and remove the butt stock. Replace your original Model 12's butt stock bolt using the original washer and your problems are gone. Helpful tip when using this item: Never overtighten any butt stock bolt, as it could lead to a cracked stock.