Don Currie's Focus-Movement-Faith
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If you want to learn instinctive shooting for sporting clays and hunting, this DVD can help you whether you are a weekend shooter, improving bird hunter or Master Class competitor. National Champion and Master Shotgun Coach, NSCA, NRA and Orvis Wingshooting School Instructor Don Currie is one of the nation’s top authorities on the Churchill Method. He teaches the three elements of instinctive shotgunning: Focus, Movement and Faith. Sharp visual focus, subconscious application of lead, a synchronized mount and movement to the target, a shot plan and a strong mental game are applied to guarantee higher levels of performance in competition and in the field. This DVD also introduces the OPTIMAL™ Process, the pre-shot planning and routine that won Don the National Championship title. Learn to crush targets on the sporting clays course and take more game in the field by learning the secrets of instinctive shotgunning. 100 minutes