Wingshooting - Putting More Birds In Your Bag
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With Bruce Scott & Marty Fischer
The most exciting wingshooting action ever seen on a video! Bruce Scott & Marty Fischer of the popular “Shotgun Journal” TV series teach you the finer points of wingshooting. Learn to take doves, pigeons, quail, partridge, pheasants, ducks and geese — flushing, passing or decoying birds. This is the most comprehensive video ever produced on how to shoot birds. It covers choosing guns and ammo, gun fit, foot and body positions, mount, leads, vision, safety and how to hunt over dogs using the EYE-Cam® so you see what the shooter sees. With hunting footage from Argentina, Spain, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Hungary and the U.S., it entertains as well as teaches. Buy this video today and fill your bag this weekend! 90 minutes.