Wingshooting - More Birds In Your Bag
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With over 40 years experience in bird hunting, sporting clays and skeet, Peter Blakeley is a highly qualified shooting instructor. His innovative coaching methods have taught thousands how to improve their game, and now you can learn to improve your wingshooting with his latest book. Peter’s revolutionary “unit lead system” has put more birds in hunters’ bags, and his instruction helps simplify the elusive yet key element of successful bird hunting — forward allowance. Wingshooting explains the variables that determine sight picture — flight line, speed and distance to the bird — to help you decipher the correct lead on each shot. Get advice from a professional shooting coach and successful bird hunter on why you miss and what you can do about it. Pete’s colorful stories really bring the hunt to life, whether it's doves, driven pheasants, woodcock, ruffed grouse, bobwhites or ducks and geese, and his tips will soon have you putting more birds in your bag! Hard cover, 149 pages.