Available back issues from 2008.


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January 2008 Back Issue

Gun Test: Winchester’s Select Platinum; The 2007 World Skeet Shoot; Saved By Benelli; Shooting Prese..

February 2008 Back Issue

A Way To Save Our Shooting Sports; Heartland Quail Hunting; Gun Test: Browning’s Cynergy Classic Tra..

March 2008 Back Issue

Games Trapshooters Play; Six Simple Steps To Start The Season; A Brief History Of Live Pigeon Guns; ..

April 2008 Back Issue

If Your Gun Doesn't Fit; Overcoming The Startle Factor; Going To The Next Level - Part 1 ..

May 2008 Back Issue

Shotgun Forends & Grips; One-Of-A-Kind Gun; Going To The Next Level - Part 2; Don’t Even Think A..

June 2008 Back Issue

Target Management; Partnering For Young People; A Ticket To The Dance; The Secret Of Lead ..

July 2008 Back Issue

Extra Barrels Equal Versatility; Life On The Bunny Slope; Informal Clay Targets; Lewis Classes ..

August 2008 Back Issue

Trap Doubles Made Easy; Ladies Charity Classic; Going Forward By Going Back; Ljutic's Black Diamond ..

September 2008 Back Issue

1-Ounce Loads For Clays; Sporting Clays Practice On Skeet & Trap Fields; Dedicated Slug Guns; Ta..

October 2008 Back Issue

Why Compete?; Rebirth Of The 10 Gauge; How A Reloader Works; A Swamp Called Pocallo ..

November 2008 Back Issue

Combs & Cheekpieces; Small Gauge Hunting Practice With Skeet; Upland Birds Without A Dog; Grand ..

December 2008 Back Issue

Sporting Clays a la Cart; Gun Test: Browning Maxus; Eared Doves Of South America; Polywad’s New Gram..