Available back issues from 2007.


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January 2007 Back Issue

How Long Till You Succeed?; The Smallbore Wingmasters; The Importance Of Hearing Protection; 2006 NS..

March 2007 Back Issue

Today’s 20 Gauge Turkey Gun; Searching For An All-Around Sporting Clays Load; Junior’s League; Traps..

April 2007 Back Issue

Wrong Ammo!; Guns & Loads For Quail; I Made Me Miss; Gamo's Viper Express ..

May 2007 Back Issue

Inquiring Ladies Want To Know; Is Your Gun Club Safe?; A Side-By-Side For Pheasant Hunting; Guerini’..

June 2007 Back Issue

Reloading’s Most Common Problem; A Glossary Of Shotgun Terms; The Two Dukes; A New Approach For Trap..

July 2007 Back Issue

The Grand Experience 2007; Hevi-Shot/Hevi-Steel Update; Getting Ready For Your Shoot Off; Zoli's New..

September 2007 Back Issue

Planning To Shoot Better; Why Pattern?; A Single Load For Waterfowling?; Hunting The Edges For Deer ..

October 2007 Back Issue

Hastings/Hagn 20-Gauge Super Magnum; I’ve Got The Quail Hunting Blues; Establishing Hold Points; The..

November 2007 Back Issue

America’s Unknown Gun Designer; Chokes For Upland Birds; Gun Test: Winchester Super X-3; 2007 Grand ..