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Internet Question

Every month Shotgun Sports brings you the “Internet Question Of The Month,” where your opinion counts! Don’t be shy, get in there and give us a shout! This month’s question:

How often do you practice your clay–target game?

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A past question and some select responses:

If you had the opportunity to shoot feathered game
anywhere in the world, where would you go?

The Argentine, for the bird hunting but also for the hospitality, the scenery and the overall experience. I don’t expect to go, though; I’m retired now and living on a meager pension. Lovely to think of, though!
Charles David Smith II, Littlefield, AZ

New Zealand. Any excuse to get back there is a good excuse!
Rich McColl, Fremont, CA

My idea of bliss was shooting wild bobwhite quail in Ohio in the mid–1970s. The blizzard of 1978 killed them all off, but if I had the opportunity to shoot wild quail in Ohio again, I’d grab it in a heartbeat! I’d also love to go to Great Britain to shoot Woods pigeons with George Digweed!
Tom Thompson, Lima, OH