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Table Of Contents

The Diminutive 28s
Zoom In

February 2016

Volume 38, Number 2


"Cascade Crossing - Ruffed Grouse"
by David A. Maass. Artwork courtesy of the artist and Wild Wings. 800-445-4833


How's That Gun Chocked?

Feature Story

Distance vs Deception?

by Mike McAlpine

I believe, while our major courses should include some long-distance birds and fast targets, they also need targets that require good target-reading skills and different ways to tackle these presentations that can fool the best shooters.


Shoot Off

by Johnny Cantu

In honor of a legendary sportsman.

Learn From The Best

by Robert R. Com

A review of Mitchel Loveless II’s Trap DVD.


by Marshall R. Williams

Uses for No. 12 shot.

Keep 'Em Shooting

by Chuck Webb

Answers to your gun-fixing questions.

Final Shot…From AveragEd

by Ed Clapper

The best thing I learned.

NSCA Nationals Highlights

by Johnny Cantu

Hurricane Patricia reigned the field.

Distance vs. Deception

by Mike McAlpine

Sporting clays courses need more variety in presentations.

Mental Training

by Michael J. Keyes, M.D.

The practice of practice.

The Diminutive 28s

by Ron Jones

The properly proportioned 28-gauge field gun.