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Harsh weather conditions are no match for the new Remington V3. Photo courtesy of Remington Firearms.
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August 2015

Volume 37, Number 8


A competitor ready to pull the trigger at the Grand American Trapshooting Championships last year. What inventions have best served trapshooting?

Photo courtesy of Johnny Cantu.

Best Invention For Trapshooting


Feature Story

Best Invention For Trapshooting

by Jacque Snellenberger

The clay target voice release system is the single largest and greatest advancement that leads to higher, more consistent scores seen on the country’s trap lanes.


by Marshall R. Williams

Grandson Tommy was about to celebrate his 13th birthday with a new gun.


Best Invention For Trapshooting

by Jacque Snellenberger

This future ATA Hall of Famer opines on trap improvements.

Enough Shot?

by Ron Jones

Pellet patterns as they relate to trap, skeet and sporting clays.

Teaching Trap

by Dave Robinson

Unique pointers for trap students.

Final Shot…
From AveragEd

by Ed Clapper

Can one shotgun be used for everything?

Shoot Off

by Johnny Cantu

Grand old time.


by Marshall R. Williams

The grandson's new gun.

'All Choked Up'

by L.P. Brezny

What choke should you use in your shotgun

Keep ’Em Shooting

by Chuck Web

Answers to your gun-fixing questions.